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Captives, Simplified

Paladin is an independent captive insurance consultancy. Our goal is to simplify the complex world of captive insurance. Because captive insurance is not for everyone, we work side-by-side with insurance brokerages to assist in providing captive education to clients so they can make informed decisions about captive opportunities. We also specialize in designing, marketing, and building insurance companies according to clients' specific needs if the opportunity is right for the client.

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Educate. Design. Build.

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Information is good for business. We provide insurance brokerages, and their clients, with education on the captive universe. We provide captive education so clients can make informed choices on captive opportunities. We will also evaluate clients' insurance programs and educate them on how their program would work within a variety of captive structures.


If, after education, a client is interested in pursuing a captive opportunity, we work with them to design a captive structure that works for them. To do this, we access our relationships across insurance and reinsurance carriers, captive domiciles and managers, third-party administrators, risk management experts, banking partners, and more.


Once a captive has been designed, we assist the client in implementing the design structure, and forming the captive.

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