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"Captive U" is the most comprehensive Captive Insurance Training program in the industry, designed for insurance agents who want to own the message in their marketplace. If you want to understand the intricacies of alternative risk financing structures, this training is a must for your sales and service teams.



Captive U is designed to take your knowledge of alternative risk financing to the next level. Captive U offers two courses to help in this development.


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Captive U 101 is designed for those that know very little about captives. In this session, we cover many topics, including: 

  • How the Risk Reduction approach applies to the captive message. 

  • How to talk with a prospect or client about captives. 

  • What/how the competition sells a captive. 

  • In-depth discussions on recent changes in the captive industry and how it impacts your clients/prospects. 

  • Benefits captives and the next generation of health insurance captives. 

  • Group vs Stand Alone.

  • How to quickly determine if a captive is a good fit for your client/prospect. 


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Being that Captive U 201 is a follow-up course, the goal is to understand the finer details of various captive structures and to learn how "levers" can be pulled in order to create the best program for your client. You must have attended 101 before enrolling in 201. Topics include: 

  • How do reinsurance underwriters write a risk? 

  • High deductible plans vs risk retention group vs captive program. 

  • How can we leverage positive loss history to reduce reinsurance cost in the current policy year?

  • What is IBNR and OSLR?

  • What are the mechanics of a fronting relationship? 



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